626-395-7475 Address: 58 South De Lacey Avenue, Pasadena, California 91105

About us

Our lounge area features plate glass windows along two walls that flood the room with natural light during the daytime, and that provide entertaining glimpses of what happens in Pasadena’s Old Town after dark. . We offer deep soft-leather chairs, as well as tables with seating for clients who prefer a more upright posture while enjoying their cigars. We provide complimentary Wi-Fi, so you can work, explore the internet, or simply allow yourself to be hypnotized by your phone while you smoke.

We even have a chess set.

We’ve also stocked our lounge with some of the nicest, most interesting and coolest people you can find anywhere. There are many, many ways in which to enjoy a cigar, and we at Cigars by Chivas believe that one of the most important of those is enjoying one in good company. We’re part reasonably elegant lounge…and part neighborhood bar (but with cigars – it makes for fewer glasses but more ash trays to clean at night’s end), where you can meet with your friends…or (and we pride ourselves on this) make some new ones.

Our knowledgeable and capable Team Chivas staff can assist you in your choice of a cigar, whether you’re an expert curious about a new release, or whether this is your first cigar and you (as yet) have no idea what you’re doing. (For how to experience your first cigar, click here.)

We offer box discounts on larger purchases. Locker memberships are also available.

We also have available a carefully chosen assortment of cigar accessories, including lighters (prices ranging from a couple bucks to well into the four digits), cutters, humidors…and anything else the cultivated cigar smoker could want or need.

We are a Davidoff Appointed Merchant. We were the recipients of the Davidoff Golden Band award in 2012, and Davidoff has provided us with an exclusive Zino Platinum blend that we have available in the shop.

We are a S.T. Dupont Authorized Dealer as well. We stock some of their most extravagant (and elusive at retail) lighters and accessories, as well as a good selection of their more affordable items.

Finding a place to smoke isn’t easy these days. Pasadena even prohibits smoking in any multi-unit dwelling. Our lounge is a smoker’s haven where no one will ever complain about your having a lit cigar in your hand. They may ask you what it is you’re smoking…but that’s part of the fun.

Please come and join us, and partake in the Cigars by Chivas experience. Our goal is to provide you with the relaxation, atmosphere and pleasure so unique to the enjoyment of a great cigar. We like to think that, after twenty years, we know a thing or two about that.

Your First Time

Your First Time. We’re talking about cigars, of course.

The owner of Cigars by Chivas experienced his first cigar while crossing the English Channel on the ferry from Dover to Calais. (For the whole story, we refer you to the book.) We can’t offer quite that in landlocked Pasadena, but we do take special care of the people who come into the shop because they want to find out what smoking a cigar is all about.

A walk-in humidor filled with cigars can look intimidating to the…we’ll call you a “novice”, but tell our Team Chivas staff that this is your first time and we’ll set you up with an affordable cigar we’re sure you’ll like. (This may be your first time, but it’s not ours.) We’ll cut it for you and help you light it, then sit you down and let you enjoy one of the more marvelous simple experiences known to man.

Smoking a cigar is really quite easy once you know the very few basics involved. We’ll teach you the basics (and make sure you know not to inhale.) Feel free to reveal to our regular clients that this is your first time, and you’re sure to get even more free advice. There’s something exciting and fun in helping someone with their first cigar.

Our goal is to see to it that you enjoy that first cigar so much, you’ll be back for another…then another. In no time, you’ll have signed up for the CxC Club and be something we know you’ll enjoy: a Cigars by Chivas regular.