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The Book

There are cigar lounges and there are cigar lounges. And then there are cigar lounges with a book written about them.

We haven’t done a lot of research on the topic, but there are at most a very few lounges with their own books. We’re one of them.

In December, 2016, Anto Kamarian, the owner of Cigars by Chivas, published The Power of a Cigar, a short-but-sweet volume that recounts the shop’s twenty year history and that considers the exceedingly pleasant phenomenon of the cigar from a variety of angles. It’s a very enjoyable read (not that “we” had anything to do with its being written), and we recommend it highly to anyone interested in Cigars by Chivas, or in cigars in general.

The book is available for sale in the shop, as well as on Amazon. To purchase the book online, please click here.

To read a sample chapter, please click here.

From the back cover:

The Power of a Cigar is the fruit of Anto Kamarian’s twenty years as Pasadena’s leading tobacconist. In celebration of the Emerald Anniversary of Cigars by Chivas, he has written a biography of the shop that has become a local fixture at the corner of De Lacey Avenue and Green Street in Pasadena’s famous Old Town. The book is more than a history of a successful retail business: The Power of a Cigar also examines the mistreatment of smokers (cigar smokers in particular) in today’s America, and takes an in-depth look at the effects of anti-smoking legislation on smokers and retailers alike. The Power of a Cigar also offers up a lively portrait of the unique community that Cigars by Chivas has spawned, along with a lighthearted elaboration of Anto’s famous dictum that “a cigar is not just a cigar…it is a tool of relaxation, atmosphere and pleasure.” The Power of a Cigar, rather than being just another guide to cigars, is a guide to the experience of a cigar, in all its various facets.

Anto Kamarian was born in Beirut to an Armenian family. He emigrated to the United States in 1975, and attended Boston University, where he majored in Business/Economics. He moved to Southern California in 1984, where, after several successful business ventures, his life took an unexpected turn. In 1996, he opened one of California’s first full-service cigar lounges, Cigars by Chivas, which led him to become Pasadena’s premier purveyor of premium cigars. He received the prestigious Davidoff Golden Band award in 2012, and is highly regarded in the cigar world for both his connoisseurship and business acumen. He lives in the Los Angeles Area with his wife, Aida, and their two children, Patille and Khajag. The Power of a Cigar is his first book.

To read a sample chapter, please click here.