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We had a memorable evening here at the shop on the 23rd of February, when we got to play hosts to Mike Baca and Fernando Romero, the two graffiti artists responsible for our exclusive Pasadena-themed cigar box. Also on hand, to go with a crowd of around fifty, were reps from Davidoff (the graffiti box is a box…but it has cigars in it too), Rodrigue’s tasty wrap sandwiches, some good Armenian pastries soaked in syrup, and maybe the coolest raffle prizes we’ve ever had.

Stars of the evening were certainly the artists, whom I’d met when I hired them to do the box design. They were, if anything, even more fast-talking than they’d been at the Las Vegas cigar show. That they were super cool goes without saying. The two young men (we were guessing them to be in their late 20s), both native New Yorkers, really had gotten their start transforming exterior walls in the Bronx into art. Meeting them, you can understand how they’d turned their graffiti experience into a flourishing joint career, which has taken them everywhere from Israel to Las Vegas to Pasadena, and to working with clients from Reebok to Davidoff to Cigars by Chivas.

Both artists took time out to embellish two canvas prints of the Pasadena art we had, making for two one-of-a-kind pieces that became the most interesting raffle prizes we’ve ever offered:

cigars by chivas

Fernando at work turning a print of our Pasadena artwork into a one-of-a-kind artist piece.


One of our two lucky raffle winners. Look closely at the print and you’ll see the embellishing both artists contributed. Fernando is on the l. of the picture, Mike is on the extreme r..

They also made sure to sign a piece for me:

pasadena cigarsbychivas