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We had a pair of fun events on a pair of recent Thursday nights, one a tribute to the very popular Oliva brand, and the other a tribute to the badass Ghurka brand our clients are starting to discover. Events like these always give a good opportunity to shake things up a little bit here at the shop: the census goes up some, and there’s a party atmosphere to go with our usual offerings of relaxation and pleasure.

Not a dance around in your underwear with a lampshade on your head kind of party atmosphere, we hasten to add. But there’s definitely more mingling with people talking to people they don’t usually talk to a lot. With refreshments (Rodrigue’s Raps…no, wait, Wrodrigu’s Wraps…no, wait – in any event, you should try the tuna) under the purview of a pair of lovely young ladies (to say nothing of the free stuff to go home with), both event nights made for memorable Cigars by Chivas evenings.

You’ll have a great time any night you come to visit the shop; our Oliva and Ghurka nights just offered a small twist on our usual great time. A little variety never hurt anyone – how many people smoke exclusively one cigar all their lives?

The turnouts for both evenings were what we’d been hoping for, with variations in the crowd, given people’s preferences for one brand or the other.

The Oliva bash on March 23 certainly was hopping, with the main focus on our clients’ favorite Oliva, the Melanio. Hard to imagine anyone not liking it, but, yet, it’s not one of those cigars that get wimpy when it tries to be all things to all people. We had the Melanio available by the box and by the stick, and think we made a few converts in the course of the evening.

Yes, yes…visual interest, we know. Here are a couple shots of everyone enjoying themselves:

OlivaEvent at Cigars by Chivas

And we mustn’t forget our two lovely hostesses for the evening:

(We can add that we’re making it an editorial policy not to use names to caption photos. Our clients’ privacy is very important to us. Besides, our official photographer is lousy when it comes to remembering names.)

We also had a giant raffle with oceans of free stuff – and one especially lucky dude whose numbers kept being picked. We think he had to call two Ubers in order to get his loot home.

Our hostesses were in charge of drawing numbers:

(They were probably the only ones with hands small enough to reach into the jar…)

And here are some of our happy winners:

OlivaCigars at CigarsbyChivas

We also mustn’t forget our terrific Oliva rep, whose own sense of humor made sure the proceedings were extra fun. Here he is with Anto, our hostesses (and one of the nifty orange Cain lighters we had in the raffle):

OlivaCigars at CigarsbyChivas

Everyone was having such a good time that, when the City of Pasadena shut off electricity to the whole block at midnight for some overnight work, out came the cell phone flashlights, and people stuck around…with nothing but glowing cigar ends visible in the darkness.

A few weeks later, Gurkha was the featured brand for our “badass” event. The atmosphere was a little more laid back – imagine a bunch of badass commandos chilling after a day of intense commando ops. (I did say imagine.) The personal highlight for this writer was a Ghurkha I’d not tried before…their 125th Anniversary model. A very likable smoke, top-notch construction, and badass enough to put me in the right Ghurkha mood, but not in the least bit harsh, with just the right amount of nicotine.
Ghurkha sent us a pair of representatives, one of whom I understand was partly responsible for the amazing Special Ops humidor design with the knife. (Admittedly, the knife wasn’t a true kukri – I’m not sure how one could make a humidor that would accommodate a full-size Gurkha knife – but I did find out that previous Ghurkha extras had included an honest-to-goodness kukri. They like to mix their bonus items up…and are doing a good job of it.)

OlivaCigars at CigarsbyChivas

On hand were refreshments, a pair of hostesses, an all-around good time…and no power outage to seal the evening.

OlivaCigars at CigarsbyChivas

It wouldn’t be a Cigars by Chivas event without a raffle, of course…

The big prize (alas, members of Team Chivas and their families are ineligible for our raffles) was that Special Ops humidor…which went home with someone who was duly pleased with his acquisition:

Two great evenings. Thanks to everyone who participated. For those of you who didn’t manage to join us, be sure to come to our next event. They’re evenings well spent.

And what is our next event?
Stay tuned.