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I’m excited about the exclusive Pasadena boxes of Cigars by Chivas Exclusive Zino Platinums. So much so that we’re going to have an event in the store to launch them officially. That’s going to be on Thursday, February 23, and we’re going to be honored by the presence of the artists who created the artwork for the boxes, which they will be available to sign.

As the box celebrates Cigars by Chivas as a Pasadena institution , I thought that we’d “sweeten the pot” that night, and offer a copy of the book which tells how we came to be – The Power of a Cigar – to accompany each Pasadena box purchased. Yes, you can get the book on Amazon…but, if you come on the 23rd, you’ll get ten cigars and a really cool box to go with it.

Although my being in the shop isn’t quite the event the visiting artists are going to be, I will also be available to sign your copy of the book. (My collaborator, Mark, will be there as well, pen in hand. So this really is going to be an evening for cigar-smoking autograph hounds. And for anyone who likes to celebrate a little with Cigars by Chivas.)